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Short-term Rentals on the Spotlight

Roam free with Celitech’s expanding e-SIM coverage. One hurdle travellers have to overcome is of course the all-important cell coverage. After all, part of travelling is being able to share experiences with friends and family back home, and on a safety and purely logistical level, we need to have phone coverage at most moments of our […]

New short term rental laws in NSW include guest and host bans

The NSW Government says unruly guests and bad hosts will be banned from the short term rental (STR) industry for five years under a new mandatory Code of Conduct it announced yesterday. It’s part of a legislative initiative which also requires that all STR properties are registered with Fair Trading NSW by June 1, 2021. […]

Highly profitable Stayz.com.au finally reveals financials

Stayz.com.au has revealed its financials for the first time. Australia’s most popular holiday house site made a profit of A$13 million before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation on revenue of  A$23.1 million in the 2012 financial year. This makes it Australia’s #2 accommodation booking site behind Wotif.com and gives Stayz a whopping gross margin of 56.3%, […]

Booking.com launches new cleanliness standards for short term rentals

Booking.com has decreed that short term or holiday rentals will have to meet a minimum cleanliness standard by May 4, 2021, or have their properties delisted from the world’s biggest online travel agent. “We’re asking partners to commit to a Minimal Cleanliness Score of 6 out of 10,” Booking.com has advised properties. “A property that’s […]

One trick ponies – just 15% of global short term rentals use more than one OTA channel

Check out this Venn diagram from Transparent, which dramatically illustrates how one dimensional the distribution strategies are of most short term rental property managers – just 15% are using a multi-channel strategy – and of course the market dominance of Airbnb. Transparent explains: “In addition to booking power, Airbnb controls the lion’s share of inventory and […]

Fee for all coming to an end with Airbnb’s host commission switch?

Pricing is set to get a shakeup in Australia’s short term rental (STR) industry from November 1 when Airbnb scraps guest service charges and moves to a 15 per cent host commission only model – up from 3 per cent – for its software-connected hosts and property managers. It is a huge change for an […]