launches new cleanliness standards for short term rentals has decreed that short term or holiday rentals will have to meet a minimum cleanliness standard by May 4, 2021, or have their properties delisted from the world’s biggest online travel agent.

“We’re asking partners to commit to a Minimal Cleanliness Score of 6 out of 10,” has advised properties.

“A property that’s doesn’t meet these cleanliness standards will be notified and put on a warning list.

“During the six-month probation period, we’ll be monitoring guest feedback for clear proof of cleanliness improvements.

“Once your new cleanliness score reaches an average of 6, we’ll remove your property from the warning list. If it doesn’t improve to at least 6, we’ll remove your property from our platform.” has been trialling the new standards in partnership with Properly and says the new benchmark is an average of the cleanliness review scores received from all guests.

See: Details of’s new cleanliness guidelines.

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