FutureTravel is a free weekly newsletter informing travel professionals about what is next for the industry. After the whole travel & hospitality sector came to a halt during 2020, we believe the industry and its disruptors will use this time as an opportunity to reinvent their business and to adopt innovation faster than before. FutureTravel is here to highlight and celebrate the main innovative forces of the travel business. 

From within, we are witnessing the industry going through a powerful change, and we are ready to keep you up to date on the main news, leading trends, innovations, startups and key players shaping the travel industry. 

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Our small FutureTravel team is led by Ana Metz, who is passionate about travel and has a broad range of experience working with startups, trend research and innovation.

Anastasiia Ponomareva, Patricia Allen, Thomas Ohr, and the wider Menlo Media team also contribute to FutureTravel’s events, content and reports.

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