One trick ponies – just 15% of global short term rentals use more than one OTA channel

Check out this Venn diagram from Transparent, which dramatically illustrates how one dimensional the distribution strategies are of most short term rental property managers – just 15% are using a multi-channel strategy – and of course the market dominance of Airbnb.

Transparent explains: “In addition to booking power, Airbnb controls the lion’s share of inventory and exclusivity, and today a relatively small percentage of listings appear on more than one channel.

“Over half of all (global) whole-home inventory appears on Airbnb, two-fifths appear on Booking, and one-fifth appear on Expedia.

“Airbnb supply exclusivity has however eroded a little in mature markets – in Europe and the US, Airbnb host exclusivity is still high (50%+ of hosts are exclusive), but there is a steady trend of these hosts starting to use other channels.

“In younger, faster growing markets like Asia and Latin America though, a greater percentage of hosts remain exclusive and there is no evidence yet of hosts moving into other channels.”

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