Everyday Leadership in Travel: Habits to Keep in 2024

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Success in both life and work starts with good habits. While hard work, talent, and a bit of luck contribute to success, it’s the daily habits that really shape our path – helping us thrive and pushing businesses forward. 

As we kick off 2024, it’s a perfect time to reflect on what we want to carry forward in the year ahead. To get some insights from our industry, we reached out to some inspiring people to share the habits they are committed to keeping throughout the year – a roadmap for personal and professional growth. Some good inspiration for those seeking to make positive changes in the coming year, with the opportunity to shape new routines that can lead to higher performance and better outcomes.

For the New Year, I’ve got a couple of resolutions in mind. First off, I’m challenging myself to go extend the traditional ‘dry January’ and try for 100 days…  And then perhaps look forward to enjoying more craft cocktails and create memorable moments with friends. I am also desperate to wear my kilt more often – hopefully, us opening our first Scottish property in Glasgow will allow me to do that!
Charlie MacGregor
CEO, The Social Hub

I struggle like most people with procrastination. Recently when I have a big task at hand, I try to make myself do dedicate just 5 minutes to that task without distraction. Often I find myself 2 hours later completing the task, because once started I keep going. I feel incredible relief when I complete a bigger task. The first 5 minutes are the hardest, just bite the bullet.
Matthijs Welle
CEO, Mews

Walk, walk, walk. At least once a week, I’ll plan some time do do a 12 to 20 km walk in the nature. I always try to pick a new location to explore in my city or the surrounding area. This helps me to unwind and have some proper me time to fully recharge the batteries before venturing into a new and packed business week.
Erika de Santi
Co-Founder & Chief of Experience, WeRoad

Ask why and think in first principles. When someone proposes a new process, or whenever I hear “this is how we do X” I ask why. I do this to understand the real core reason for doing something, and then I take immense pleasure in cutting unnecessary processes and bureaucracy. It’s the only way I know to keep moving fast as a >1200 people global company.
Avi Meir
CEO, TravelPerk

You need to get into the habit of always making decisions based on hypotheses backed by data rather than relying on intuition. To develop this habit, it is helpful to look at the table of contents before reading a book and try to predict its contents.
Jong Yoon Kim
CEO, Yanolja Cloud

“I am a dedicated student, practitioner, and competitor of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. My experience in training and competition has taught me many valuable lessons in both business and life, but none more powerful than the concept that a black belt is simply a white belt, who never quit. In 2024, I’ll introduce my two young daughters to jiu-jitsu, and look forward to sharing the lessons I’ve learned through the practice. We all work hard and spend a lot of time in front of screens. I encourage you to (1) find an inclusive and supportive niche you’re passionate about that pushes you to continue to learn (2) block time on your schedule so that it is a priority (3) commit yourself to the growth journey and lean into the uncertainty of who you’ll be on the other side of it.
Josh Montgomery
Head of Strategic Partnerships, GetYourGuide

In recent years, sport has been my best habit; it helps me to disconnect between my professional and personal life. But this year, I have also made it a habit to wake up 20 minutes earlier and during this time I treat myself to an extra coffee, some music, and read the newspapers – it’s a calmer way to start the day. I will continue these habits into 2024.
David Garcia
CIO, TUI Musement

I don’t usually come up with new year habits, but rather try and optimize throughout the year. Why wait for the end of the year to change? That’s my habit.
Michael Riegel

I’m very focussed on the difference I want to make. So, I make sure to manage my agenda against my commitments and objectives. My top tip for the coming year: start your day with opening your calendar, not your email. Time is limited, email is unlimited!
John Mangelaars
CEO, Skyscanner

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