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No Booze, No Problem: Sober Tourism on the Rise

People often think of drinking alcohol when it comes to having fun, going to parties, and enjoying good food. This cultural habit has been a big part of business and markets around the world for many years. In recent years, a global trend has emerged that challenges this long-standing tradition. Like a New Year’s resolution, […]

Holiday Bookshelf: Insights from Travel Leaders

→ Subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly curation of the top travel news, straight to your inbox. We asked travel tech leaders about a book that genuinely influenced them, whether from a personal or business perspective. The result? A fantastic list of books, just in time for the festive season! As we approach this special time […]

Interview: Jong Yoon Kim

Get ready for an exclusive interview with Jong Yoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud, as we take a deep dive into the world of Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud. Discover how they evolved from an OTA to a super-app, overcame challenges to achieve unicorn status, and balance customer needs with those of investors and stakeholders. We’ll […]

Creating Places for the New Era

Having a strong place brand can be a game changer for places that want to attract tourists, investors, and increase the sense of belonging, quality of life and pride of the local population. This is why we created a crisp guide about place branding and its potential for the travel industry. Sign up below to […]

👉 Smart Tourism, Selfbook and Klarna

→ Subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly curation of the top travel news, straight to your inbox. The application phase for the FutureTravel Pitch Competition closes this week and to be honest I’m looking forward to review all applications next week! If you know someone who should apply, you are still on time to forward this e-mail. Continue reading for […]