💥 New in travel: NFTs, games and deals

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  • For those who have been on top of the latest tech news, you’ve probably seen different kinds of businesses exploring the potential of NFTs for their business. So here is a good read if you are wondering how hotels can start experimenting with NFTs too.
  • Many of us wondered about how the “new normal” would be, and if our future would be “masked” or not. It seems that the time has come for some airlines to decide if it’s time to drop the masks when flying. This week KLMeasyJet and American Airlines have announced their standpoint on the topic. For more info you can click on the name of each airline.
  • We have been talking about place branding quite often in this newsletter, so I really enjoyed seeing that Geneva Tourism launched the Choco Pass. I mean, together with the Alps, this is veeery spot-on with the Swiss brand. Bravo! And if you are interested in reading more about place branding and the travel industry *|FNAME|*, make sure to check out our latest report, which is available for download here.
  • OYO is the pioneer in the hospitality sector to launch a play-to-earn game as part of their business strategy to boost and retain customer engagement. Rewards include Amazon gift cards and hotel amenities such as stays of up to 20 free nights. And seems like it’s working: their mobile app is currently the third most downloaded travel app globally with over 100 million downloads. Not bad!