Nalin Kalayanamitr, Marketing and Sales Strategies Manager, Lub d Bangkok Hostel

Nalin Kalayanamitr is a Marketing and Sales Strategies Manager at Lub d Hostel in Bangkok, which was rated “one of the 17 coolest hangout hostels in the world” according to Britain’s influential daily, The Observer.

Nalin was born and grew up in Chiang Mai. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Chiang Mai University. Her interest in marketing started whilst studying in university, led her into attending an MA course at Northumbria University, Newcastle, England.

After finishing a masters degree, she became a Research Manager at Acorn Marketing & Search Consultants Co., Ltd. One of her outstanding projects was running a research for Lub d, before its opening. She worked for Acorn for 7 years before quitting her job to travel in several countries, giving her first-hand experience of staying in many hostels.

A year later, she came back to Thailand and was offered a job as Lub d Hostel’s Marketing & Sales Strategies Manager, a role she’s had since 2009. She brought her collectible experiences and has led Lub d become one of the most famous hostels brand in Thailand.

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