Reinventing Travel Infrastructure: Spotnana’s Sarosh Waghmar Takes the Stage at FutureTravel Summit

We are excited to announce that Sarosh Waghmar, founder and CEO of Spotnana, will join as a keynote speaker at this year’s FutureTravel Summit. With over 20 years of experience successfully building businesses in the travel industry, Sarosh is leading Spotnana in creating the first Travel-as-a-Service Platform. This groundbreaking platform aims to simplify and enhance the travel experience, offer a cost-effective travel solution for corporations, and accelerate innovation for a thriving ecosystem of agency, supplier, and technology provider partners.

During his talk at the FutureTravel Summit, Sarosh will explore the topic of “Reinventing Travel Infrastructure,” emphasizing the importance of modernizing the travel industry’s underlying infrastructure.

Spotnana’s cloud-based travel platform built on microservices and open APIs is designed to accelerate innovation and deliver exceptional experiences to business travelers. It provides travel managers with powerful tools to streamline their processes.

Join us at the FutureTravel Summit for invaluable insights from Sarosh Waghmar and other industry leaders shaping the future of travel. Connect with over 400 travel innovators, service providers, startups, investors, and corporates, shaping the future of the travel industry.

Check out the aftervideo of last year’s event and get a glimpse of what awaits you: