FutureTravel Summit 2023 Welcomes Sebastián Canadell as He Shares Insights on Mobility and City Branding

We are excited to announce that Sebastián Canadell, the Chief of astara Intelligence, will be delivering a keynote address at the FutureTravel Summit.

Sebastián, who began his career as a Naval Architect, is now focused on revolutionizing the future of mobility. Through astara, he is committed to combining sustainability and addressing social challenges, providing a blueprint for smart cities.

The City Brand Barometer 2023, a collaborative effort between Saffron and astara, focuses on the impact and memorability of city brands. This report examines how city brands attract international businesses, investors, students, and talent. It identifies successful city brands, highlights top reputations, pinpoints underperforming global cities, and uncovers potential future business hubs.

During the event, Sebastián Canadell will delve into the insights of this year’s City Brand Barometer (CBB),  highlighting the role of mobility in enhancing the overall city brand experience in today’s interconnected world. Saffron and astara will also present key findings of the 2023 CBB, unveiling the top-ranked cities and showcasing their effective methods in creating memorable place brands. 

Join us at the event to gain invaluable insights into the future of city branding and mobility. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from Sebastián Canadell. Secure your place by registering now for the FutureTravel Summit.

Check out the aftervideo of last year’s event and get a glimpse of what awaits you: