Jacob Benbunan Reveals the Keys to Memorable City Brands at FutureTravel Summit

We are thrilled to announce Jacob Benbunan, the CEO of Saffron, as a keynote speaker at the upcoming FutureTravel Summit. With more than 36 years of experience, Jacob will bring a wealth of knowledge to the stage, having collaborated with esteemed clients such as Meta, Orange, Repsol, YouTube, Facebook, and many more across the globe.

In an era of increasing global connectivity, setting destinations apart has become a profound challenge. Jacob, together with astara, will unravel the insights from the 2023 City Brand Barometer. This annual study meticulously assesses and evaluates city tourism and business branding, shedding light on how places utilize branding to carve a distinct identity on the global stage.

The City Brand Barometer 2023 focuses on the impact and memorability of city brands, assessing their influence in attracting international businesses, investors, students, and talent. The report identifies successful city brands, highlights the best reputations, pinpoints underperforming global cities, and identifies potential future business hubs.

At the FutureTravel Summit, Jacob will present key insights from this year’s CBB and showcase the top-performing cities and their brand strategies for attracting business, offering a deep dive into the methodologies employed through the process.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Jacob Benbunan’s keynote speech at the FutureTravel Summit, where he will shed light on the evolving landscape of city branding and its connection to mobility and the travel industry. Join us to gain valuable industry knowledge and discover the strategies that make cities stand out on a global scale.

Check out the aftervideo of last year’s event and get a glimpse of what awaits you: