Innovation in Action: Jakob Ipland at FutureTravel Summit 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Jakob Ipland, Head of Projects and Innovation at Wonderful Copenhagen , will speak at the FutureTravel Summit.

Wonderful Copenhagen serves as the official tourism organization for the Danish capital region, with a dedicated focus on creating sustainable tourism developments through collaborative efforts with both public and private partners. Their initiatives encompass a wide range of areas, including attracting congresses, meetings, events, cruise guests, new flight routes, and international marketing of the capital. Furthermore, they actively contribute to the development of metropolitan tourism, cultural tourism, new markets, and fostering new knowledge.

Navigating complex innovation environments, particularly within a city, often presents as a challenging task when it comes to nurturing innovation and enabling startups to flourish. However, as the Head of Projects and Innovation, Jakob has played a pivotal role in driving sustainable tourism forward within the Nordic Capital. His area of expertise lies in integrating sustainability measures, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and fostering the growth of startup initiatives. With a proven track record in business innovation, Jakob brings a wealth of comprehensive expertise in the domains of Customer Experience and User Experience.

Join us at the FutureTravel Summit, where you will have the chance to connect with over 400 travel professionals taking decisions on the future of the industry!

Check out the aftervideo of last year’s event and get a glimpse of what awaits you: