Exploring Loyalty in Travel with Iñaki Uriz, CEO of Caravelo, at FutureTravel Summit

We are excited to announce that Iñaki Uriz, Co-founder and CEO of Caravelo, will be joining us as a speaker at the FutureTravel Summit in Barcelona on October 27th, 2023.

Caravelo is known for its travel subscription solutions that help companies increase revenue and market share, improve crisis resilience, and create a better customer experience. The scaleup is transforming the industry, empowering companies to thrive in the dynamic market.

Iñaki has gained significant recognition within the travel industry for his commitment to elevating travel companies’ profitability through the use of new technologies. His tech solutions have earned the trust of prominent names in the travel industry, such as Volaris, Alaska Airlines and Wizz Air, solidifying Caravelo’s reputation.

Join us at the FutureTravel Summit and be inspired as Iñaki Uriz shares insights on how Caravelo revolutionizes loyalty strategies in the travel industry. Are you ready to engage in discussions that will redefine the future of travel together? Don’t miss this opportunity!

Check out the aftervideo of last year’s event and get a glimpse of what awaits you: