Will blockchain disrupt the travel industry? ⚡

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To be honest, this has been a tough week to keep an eye on the news, without feeling too overwhelmed with Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. Still, I did my best to curate the most interesting news in the travel industry about innovation, trends and startups shaping the global market.

Here we go:

  • In a joint interview, investor Jan-Frederik Valentin and founder Florian Montag, talk about blockchain, traveltech, the combination of both, the future of traveltech in Europe and the challenges and opportunities for the industry moving forward. Really good read for everyone wondering if blockchain will disrupt the travel industry.
  • With sustainability being one of the main driving forces in travel this year, TravelPerk has just launched its own carbon reduction tool. GreenPerk API lets their customers measure their carbon footprint when traveling and help them build strategies to reduce emissions. For those committed to travel sustainably, TravelPerk just made it easier to keep that promise – at least when it comes to business travel.