Travel startups are ready to roll 🙌

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As more and more business events go back to the ‘in-person’ format, we are all starting to make plans, right? Earlier this month there was VivaTech happening in France, next week there will be MWC here in Barcelona. If you’re planning your next business trip, make sure to check out TravelPerk <3 And, uh, if you are still looking for the next travel events worth attending this year, it means you still haven’t seen our last free report: here are the top 30 travel events around the globe.

Here is your weekly roundup of what’s going on on the travel industry:

  • Good news from Switzerland: the big data startup Zytlyn has secured 2.5 million dollars. The money will be used to accelerate the growth of their travel-focused AI-based prediction solution for the travel industry. One thing I love about Zytlyn’s solution is that it doesn’t require clients to implement a completely new system, it just runs on what’s already there in order to gather insights for better decision making. Magic! 
  • I’m sure you are up to date with the situation in the UK right now, but things got a bit bad with the spread of the delta variant. Europe is scared of it being the cost of making Summer happen. But this time WTTC says there is no need for quarantine
  • As borders open up, travelers are still highly concerned about their safety, so Travel Weekly mapped out 6 interesting trends that might stick for safer travel. It might be the most obvious one, but I have to say I’ll love to see contactless experiences staying around 🙂
  • Think with Google is providing insights on how some players have turned the pandemic chaos into opportunity. You can check out their conversations with the leadership at Scoot, Tourism New Zealand, Rakuten Travel and Grab to see how they are doing it. You can read about it here or listen to it on Spotify.
  • This “virtual roundtable” from Hotel Designs about how the Food and Beverage hospitality is evolving was such a good read. Interesting to read about how restaurants play such a relevant part on the overall guest experience and to read different points of view, from names that have been around from 90 years and others who are just starting fresh. Well done!