Home Check-in + Sustainable Travel 👌

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  • Etihad is now offering to their passengers in Abu Dhabi the option to handle the hassle of traveling from the comfort of their homes. Think PCR tests, luggage check in, getting boarding pass and picking a seat. Passengers are ready to head to the airport hands free – and me too! 
  • To support the “bringing back” of Summer in Europe, Google has joined forces with ETC. It might sound pretty obvious for some, but I still find it interesting to see that a tech company has such a strong influence over the recovery of the travel sector in Europe.
  • Sherpa has raised $8.5 million. With their API, travel companies can provide travelers with up-to-date information about travel restrictions in their destination. Let’s say it kind of makes sense, with so many travel restrictions shuffling right now. 🙂