Netflix In-Person Interactive Experiences

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Let’s catch up on the top travel news in innovation, trends, and startups for the week:

  • Shaking up business travel. TravelPerk, the fast-growing travel tech unicorn, just acquired Chicago-based AmTrav, making the U.S. its top revenue region. This move adds 1,000 new SMB clients and doubles their US revenue. Backed by a $135M credit facility from Blackstone and Blue Owl, TravelPerk is set to expand even more in the US and Europe. And just in time, we’re thrilled to announce that this year TravelPerk CEO Avi Meir will be speaking at our FutureTravel Summit! We are super excited to have him joining us on stage!
  • Taking TV shows to real-world hangouts. Netflix is opening “Netflix House” in major US malls, including locations in Dallas and Pennsylvania, creating immersive retail spaces themed around hit shows like “Bridgerton” and “Squid Game.” Visitors can enjoy interactive experiences, themed food and drinks, and unique retail therapy. This strategy capitalizes on Netflix’s massive fanbase, similar to Disney, turning their popular content into physical attractions. With high foot traffic and proximity to major cities, these locations aim to keep fans engaged beyond the screen.
  • Young travelers want to just show up and go. Travel agents are making a comeback as Gen Zers and millennials find them easy and cost-effective. With 76% of agents busier in 2021 than pre-pandemic, younger travelers prefer curated, hassle-free trips. In 2023, 38% of them used travel agents. This global trend boosts the travel industry, driving demand for unique and sustainable travel experiences and increasing overall spending.
  • Growing revenue, still chasing profits. Short-term rental provider Sonder announces a significant reduction in its portfolio, exiting or reducing rents in 105 buildings to optimize costs and improve cash flow. The company has already agreed to exit 80 buildings and aims for a $40M annual cash flow improvement. Additionally, Sonder raised $10M in financing to boost liquidity. Although the efforts towards increasing revenue, profitability it’s still a challenge.
  • Easier booking for hotels. HotelREZ and Apaleo have integrated their systems, enabling seamless data exchange for independent hotels. This connection allows hoteliers to optimize booking costs by managing inventory, rates, and availability in real-time. The partnership enhances efficiency, reduces staff workload, and maximizes market opportunities, benefiting Apaleo customers with access to HotelREZ’s global demand programs and travel agency networks.