City Introduces Robotaxis

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  • The experts in luggage storage. Dealing with guests’ luggage can be a headache for hotels, but it doesn’t have to be this way. LuggageHero, a leading provider of on-demand luggage storage since 2016, has launched HotelsHero to bring its expertise to the hotel industry. This time-saving, no-cost service helps hotels of all sizes seamlessly store luggage without needing extra space or lockers. Hotels can choose to handle storage themselves or allow guests to store their own luggage. Additionally, hotels can decide whether to offer luggage storage for free or add a handling fee.
  • Guiding travelers on public transport. Marseille-based startup Qommute, which specializes in real-time traveler info, just raised 2.4 million euros to speed up its expansion in Europe. Founded in 2013, Qommute aims to become the top player in Europe by teaming up with major operators. Their tech delivers reliable, instant info, making public transport more appealing. In France, they already support 70 transport networks and seems that they are talking to several European operators.
  • A grand slam of deals. Focusing on selling travel packages by automating production, booking processes, and managing marketing data, the French group Travelsoft, has announced three new acquisitions in a single week: TravelgateXATCORE Technology, and Travel Connection Technology. These acquisitions elevate Travelsoft’s status as a global player in technology solutions for the leisure travel industry, with its technology now processing transactions worth €35 billion annually.
  • Compensating messy flights. London-based travel paytech Swiipr raises €7 million to transform airline disruption payments. Swiipr’s digital platform improves passenger experience and reduces airline costs by up to 60% by replacing outdated compensation methods with instant, secure digital payouts, reducing fraud, processing time, and handling costs. Founded in 2020, Swiipr benefits 26 airlines across 70 countries, addressing a major industry pain point.
  • Robotaxis and roboguides. It seems that San Francisco has added a new ingredient to its tourism mix: robotaxis. Tourists are increasingly citing robotaxi rides as a key reason for visiting the city. Despite their controversial reputation among residents, the influx of tourists eager to experience robotaxis could help secure continued support for the technology’s public trials and drive its expansion to new locations.
  • Starlink-powered flights. Qatar Airways is set introduce free high-speed wi-fi through SpaceX’s Starlink, joining Hawaiian Airlines, AirBaltic, and Air New Zealand in offering this service. The first flights with Starlink are expected by the end of the year. The first 777s will feature Starlink by late 2024, with the entire fleet equipped within two years. A nice perk for their passengers 🙂

Here are a few that caught my attention: