Michelin’s Stars for Hotels? 🔑

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  • Bringing Michelin stars to hotels. Michelin is expanding its expertise from awarding stars to outstanding restaurants to rating hotels globally with a new “key” system. In France, 24 hotels have already snagged the top “Three Keys” for being extraordinary. This move aims to spotlight hotels with unique charm and luxury, with plans to cover the U.S., Spain, Italy, Japan, and Korea, bringing a fresh perspective to the luxury hotel scene.
  • New take on travel communities. Dutch travel startup Stippl got over €575k to grow. The startup is planning to bring AI into travel planning for their 250,000 users and want to hit a million users during this year 2024. The startup now is not just about planning your trip; they’re about creating a community, a place where travelers can share and relive their experiences. With some investment help, they’re expanding globally, targeting all types of travelers and enhancing features like personalized itineraries and travel content creation.
  • Simplifying properties. Focused on helping property managers list their spots on Airbnb and beyond, Guesty just landed $130M, shooting their value up to $900M. With travel getting its groove back, Guesty’s on a roll, looking to turn a profit this year. This cash highlights Guesty’s big impact on the industry, proving it’s a major player in refreshing property management and accommodation sharing.
  • Banking that’s ready to travel. Targeting high-income customers, the Brazilian fintech Nubank is branching into travel by introducing the Global Account, providing competitive conversion rates and travel perks for those going abroad. Nubank has today more than 90 million customers. Great to see movements combining banking and travel and allowing customers to manage currency conversions and other travel benefits directly on their bank’s app.
  • Eco-Design’s impact on travel. Humberto Campana’s “On The Road” exhibition in NYC, featuring 13 unique pieces crafted from recycled aluminum, marks a turning point towards eco-friendly design that blends Brazilian craftsmanship with innovative materials. “By showcasing eco-conscious designs that respect local traditions and innovate with materials, it serves as a model for integrating sustainability with cultural and aesthetic values, potentially influencing future design exhibitions and practices worldwide.” And well, as a fellow Brazilian, it’s always a win to see Brazilian creativity taking the lead on sustainability. 😉