World’s Most-Loved Airports

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This edition is arriving just in time for your weekly roundup of the travel industry’s top news, trends, and startup stories:

  • The expansion saga. Just weeks after acquiring Portuguese startup Vision-BoxAmadeus is now broadening its horizons with the acquisition of Voxel, an e-invoicing and payments expert based in Barcelona. By integrating Voxel’s specialized services, Amadeus is set to simplify payment processes across the travel industry, making things easier for all parts involved. This makes way for an even better travel experience – both for customers and businesses alike.
  • 2024’s tech investments. A recent research from Amadeus predicts a 14% increase in technology investment for travel companies in 2024, with priorities including machine learning and biometrics. Decision-makers anticipate growth, with airlines and hotels expecting significant revenue boosts through technology. The study emphasizes the potential for improved customer experiences and revenue growth, alongside the importance of addressing technical debt. Looking forward for smoother travels – and maybe some new tech surprises along the way?
  • Charting the future of fares. Chilean tech company specializing in airline pricing solutions, Airnguru has secured $1 million in pre-Series A funding. This investment, supported by senior executives and entrepreneurs, aims to expand their client base and foster the creation of new products. Committed to enhancing airline profitability and innovation, Airnguru focuses on making airlines more profitable and forward-thinking, positioning itself as a leading provider of price management and automation solutions.
  • Austin gets busy with business leaders once a year. Earlier this week at SXSW, Delta Airlines was represented by CEO Ed Bastian in a discussion about the company’s commitment to a people-first culture. Bastian detailed how this approach has been instrumental throughout Delta’s history, including navigating through bankruptcy and the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation at SXSW – known for its emphasis on innovation and technology – provided insights into how Delta prioritizes its workforce, customers, and communities, highlighting the airline’s strategic focus on corporate culture and values.
  • World’s Most-Loved Airports. The ASQ Awards picked the best airports for customer service based on what passengers said. The ASQ program checks many parts of what makes a good airport experience – things like being clean, fun, and having helpful staff. Nine airports around the world were top in all areas, showing they really care about making travelers happy. <3