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Meet the city where life is just 15 minutes away

The most famous city in the world, Paris, is renowned for its iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, exquisite croissants, rich art and culture, and now, it is also at the forefront of sustainable practices that will shape the future of tourism and travel. Embracing a profound commitment to environmental consciousness, the French, particularly the […]

Meet the city that’s leaving cars behind

There is a big project in the works for the future of Tel Aviv: the city is planning on building 350 km of bike lanes until 2025. Israel’s capital is one of the cities that faces the worst traffic car jams in the world and is now actively working to improve its transportation system, including […]

Meet the city charging a tourist entrance fee

Have you ever imagined paying a €10 ticket to visit a city? It is Venice’s plan to charge a €10 tourist fee for daily visitors as a way to combat the impacts of excessive tourism, becoming a pioneering and controversial initiative by a city that is now debating the future of tourism and travel. The […]