Reader’s Choice: Most Clicked Articles in Our Newsletters

Discover our top-clicked articles of the month and indulge in a quick and insightful read! These carefully selected links represent the articles that captured the attention of our readers across our newsletters in June 2023. Stay in the loop with the latest trends, expert opinions, and valuable industry insights by exploring these popular reads. Take a moment to explore the quick links that have piqued the curiosity of our audience. Get ready for a brief yet enriching reading experience with our top-clicked articles!

[1] Predictive insights for a perfect trip.

Kayak has introduced a new tool, “Best Time to Travel”, to help travelers navigate the complexities of planning a trip amidst fluctuating prices and unpredictable weather. Leveraging predictive data from billions of travel queries, the tool allows users to compare forecasted flight and hotel prices with weather and seasonality information. By analyzing average prices, temperatures, and rainfall, travelers can determine the optimal time to visit their desired destination. The tool also offers insights on the least-expensive travel days and provides price alerts for saved trips. Honestly – what a great way to simplify the planning process and empower travelers with data-driven decision-making. And, of course, the focus here is on increasing customer satisfaction, building trust in the brand – and ultimately driving user engagement and bookings on the platform. Well done.

[2] Mapping adventures: food, travel, and outdoors.

Israel-based social mapping platform Atly has raised $18 million in funding from investors such as. Atly, formerly known as Steps, connects travelers with recommendations and activities through its user-generated social mapping platform. The company focuses on creating maps related to food, travel, and outdoor pursuits, with hundreds of new maps being generated every month. With the new funding, Atly plans to enhance its platform by implementing advanced algorithms and introducing product updates. Founded in 2019, Atly has officially launched with this funding boost.

[3] Counting on AI for exceptional customer experience.

The real-time AI analytics platform EdgeTier is transforming customer contact centers and now has secured €6 million in Series A funding to expand its operations. Notable clients such as RyanAir, TUI Travel, and LoveHolidays have already embraced their AI platform to enhance customer experience. With a 100% customer retention rate and a remarkable 150% upsell rate, EdgeTier’s founders’ AI expertise and business acumen have been instrumental in their success. This funding positions EdgeTier to capitalize on the growing global demand for AI-powered customer support solutions.

[4] Positioning a European capital for success.

Brussels has unveiled its new international brand strategy, “In Brussels, We Dare You to Be Yourself,” to position the city as an attractive and authentic destination. By highlighting Brussels’ cultural, heritage, tourist, economic, culinary, and environmental assets, the initiative aims to enhance the city’s image internationally and attract talent, investment, and visitors. This strategy plays a key role in Europe, showcasing Brussels as a vibrant hub that embraces diversity and offers a unique experience for individuals to thrive.

[5] The most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in Europe.

The LGBTQ+ segment is a driving force in the travel industry, accounting for 10%+ of global tourists and contributing $195+ billion in spending annually. Mabrian’s ranking unveils Europe’s most LGBTQ+ friendly cities, emphasizing exceptional service and acceptance. This presents opportunities for destinations and businesses to customize offerings, foster inclusivity, and attract diverse travelers year-round. Interesting to see Spain’s impressive achievement of securing two entries in the top five