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Apart from the weekly content curation, during this past weeks we have been also working on our first Premium Report. I’m proud of how far our team went to bring an overview of the hottest travel startups around the world in 2021. The report will profile startups with the most promising business models which have endured (or started) through the pandemic. You can expect to find innovative solutions emerging from different countries and different areas. The premium report will be available starting on August 19th.

And for now, here is your weekly roundup of the top travel innovation, trends and startups news:

  • The US has seen a high level occupancy rate on hotels this past week. I mean, the highest since October 2019. I’ll take it as a good sign for what’s ahead of us.
  • Feels like a dĂ©jĂ  vu to mention a big investment just ahead of an IPO. But well… seems like Microsoft is now at advanced talks to invest in Oyoat a $9 billion valuation… just ahead of its IPO! I guess the deal might also include that Oyo will count on Microsoft’s cloud system then, right?
  • DHL Express ordered 12 battery-operated aircrafts, and it’s aiming to launch the world’s first fully electric air courier fleet in 2024. Also: the zero-emission aeroplane can be charged as operations (loading and unloading) happen, which allows the company to stick to their tight “express” schedules.