EU Green Deal + Calling Travel Startups

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Lets go straight to our weekly overview of what’s going on in the travel industry right now:

  • Just yesterday the EU unveiled a new green plan which is kind of a big thing for the future. Amongst many of the new regulations, two main things will highly impact the travel industry as we know it: airlines will need to pay more when they emit CO2 and shipowners will have to pay for their pollution, for the first time. 
  • AAlchemy Ventures, together with ESADE BAN and Tez Tour, launched a challenge for Travel Tech and Hospitality startups to identify the most promising and innovative projects worldwide. Wondering about the prize? Well, the winners will get an investment offer from Tez Tour as well as a whole pack of benefits, such as access to their clientele to roll out and test the product, several training and acceleration opportunities. If you’re a startup in this field, this call is for you! 
  • This week an interesting report landed in my inbox and I believe it can also be relevant for many of our readers here at FutureTravel. Former eDreams Odigeo colleagues Mauricio Prieto and Mario Gavira have launched an analysis of the driving forces in online travel. Brilliant!
  • Just in: Delta Airlines reports $652 million profit in the second quarter of this year. This happened for the first time since the pandemic hit. Obvious good news for Delta, but this also brings good hope for the whole industry.
  • Last weekend many of us watched as Sir Richard Branson took off on a spacecraftVirgin Galactic claims to have already sold over 600 tickets for the experience, priced at $250,000 each. And then their shares started going down. As many major publications are now talking about spaceflight being an everyday commercial thing, I’d love to hear from you: what do you think, will spaceflights be something we can really look forward too? 
  • I think we have been talking about at least one contactless solution in every edition since we launched. And guess what? Here is a new one: this week British Airways launched a new platform for passengers to order their drinks and meals onboard. The solution will start running on selected flights from next Monday.That’s it for today, . If you enjoy FutureTravel, it would be great if you could pass it forward to those who you think might enjoy reading it too – that would be awesome!