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Workcations, boats and more ⛵

→ Subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly curation of the top travel news, straight to your inbox. This week we are jumping straight into our curation of the top news on innovation, trends and startups in the travel industry. Here we go. Train or plane? Joining the exciting trend of rail and fly, German rail company Deutsche Bahn is […]

Expedia, Agoda say ‘sacred cows’ of rate parity and last room availability killed by COVID

The adversarial relationship between hoteliers and the OTAs has changed to an “all hands on deck mentality” during COVID with operators no longer insisting on rate parity and last room availability – once major sticking points – as they scramble to put heads on beds, according to Expedia and Agoda. Speaking at the Web in Travel […]

Agoda goes rogue on pricing

Agoda, the original Asian OTA, has gone rogue on pricing. Multiple hoteliers say Agoda regularly sells unauthorized static wholesale rates through the site, undercutting them on price without any regard for contracts. Other times the feeling is Agoda takes a contracted rate and shaves its margin to push the price below competitor and hotel pricing. Agoda’s […]