Holograms at the front desk

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We’ve compiled the week’s most noteworthy news on travel industry trends, innovations, and startups. Here’s what we’ve gathered:

  • Holograms at the front desk. CIC Hospitality is set to launch 30 boutique hotels in Scandinavia, each equipped with a unique feature: hologram receptionists at the front desk. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by a pre-recorded hologram video and will have access to several options on the display, including pre-recorded hotel information. If the guest needs help from a live representative, they can indicate it on the touchscreen and a customer service worker can connect remotely and appear as a hologram within the box. While some may view holograms as a mere gimmick, this move reflects CIC Hospitality’s strategy of increasing efficiency while preserving a personalized touch – an issue the industry has been tackling for years. The plan is to install these boxes in eight Aiden hotels this year.
  • Grand Prix Experience in land and sea. Through a partnership between Formula 1 and MSC Cruises, fans of the sport can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. Guests can purchase packages on the cruise ship, which include access to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November. The packages offer a premium all-inclusive experience with exclusive track activities, such as a pit lane walk, a guided track tour, and F1-themed activities for both adults and children. The ship, MSC Virtuosa, docked at Abu Dhabi’s cruise terminal during the event, will serve as a floating hotel for guests.
  • Tryp.com raises funds for expansion. Danish startup Tryp.com has raised “more than half a million euros” in a seed funding round. The travel-planning platform uses a search engine that selects from over 6,000 destinations to access thousands of real-time flights, trains, buses, and hotels to build the best possible trip. The funding will be used to grow the team, enhance its technology, and expand its reach. With a valuation of €8.3 million, Tryp.com has attracted over one million users in the last 12 months.
  • Holiday home, but make it Danish. One of the many characteristics of Danish culture is its stunning design and architecture. From furniture to buildings, Danish design has captivated people worldwide – and this is exactly what you can expect from Landfolk. The Danish startup has just raised €3.8 million to expand its platform, which connects holiday home enthusiasts with handpicked nature retreats in Denmark, Norway, and Germany. Their selection includes beautiful and unique summer houses, showcasing exquisite design and architecture. With Landfolk’s latest investment, more people can discover and experience these holiday homes while enjoying a relaxing holiday in one of their handpicked retreats.
  • Traveling without limitations. San Francisco-based Wheel the World makes it easier to book accessible travel for people with disabilities, seniors, and their families. The startup has now closed a $6 million pre-Series A funding round., which will let them expand listings and partnerships with DMOs. Wheel the World also introduced two new commitments: guaranteeing that every hotel room booked on the platform will be accessible and matching the prices of other travel booking sites. Founded in 2018, the startup now plans to reach 12,000 travelers booking through its platform by December 2024.
  • New partnership, new travel choices. Juniper Travel Technology has partnered with Kiwi.com to broaden its network and provide its platform partners with a greater variety of options. Through Kiwi.com’s virtual interlining algorithm, Juniper Travel Technology clients can access more carriers and build unique travel itineraries for their customers. With more than 95% of worldwide flight content coverage, the alliance will allow Juniper Travel Technology’s clients to enhance their offerings and expand the range of travel opportunities available.