The Most Innovative Destinations

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Let’s dive into the latest news about innovation, trends and startups in the travel industry:

  • Meet the city. Get ready to be inspired as we embark on a journey to explore the most innovative destinations in the travel industry! Our new series, “Meet the City”, takes you on a monthly adventure to discover the latest and greatest in tourism. Budapest, the city that has robots as guides, is our first stop. The hunt for the most forward-thinking cities in travel starts now – here we go!
  • Flying low. The travel sector has been hit with some surprising news as of late and the European travel landscape is undergoing major changes. Two well-known airlines, Flybe and Flyr, have recently announced that they will shut down. Despite differing circumstances, both companies could not secure the funds required to maintain their operations.
  • Expanding footprint in LATAM. Mondee, a tech-driven travel marketplace, has acquired Orinter, a travel provider with a strong presence in Brazil and LATAM. The acquisition expands Mondee’s geographic footprint and strengthens its presence in these markets. Orinter’s direct relationships with Latin American hotels and its 4,800 travel company clients will provide valuable cross-sell opportunities for Mondee.
  • Fresh Indian Acquisition. Easy Trip Planners, the company behind the popular EaseMyTrip brand, has made a strategic move by acquiring 55% of the hotel booking app, cheQin. This acquisition will strengthen EaseMyTrip’s position in the hotel booking market and give its customers access to a wider range of innovative solutions. CheQin’s algorithm presents the top five most affordable options from hotels and lets hoteliers view real-time booking requests.
  • A ticket to ride. A French startup that allows travelers to book low-carbon transportation, has raised €2 million in funding from various investors to support its growth. Tictactrip allows users to compare, combine, and book bus and train tickets and carpool from over 200 transportation providers in Europe. The platform calculates the carbon impact of each journey and aims to help address the environmental and societal challenges by promoting low-carbon transportation options. Pas mal.