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Let’s head to this week’s curated selection of the top news in innovation, trends, and startups in the travel industry:

  • Smart solutions for smart hotels. German-startup Betterspace, a hotel management platform provider, has secured a 7-figure investment from Austrian VC Round2 Capital. Based on Ilmenau and known for smart software solutions in guest communication and energy management, Betterspace’s innovative offerings reduce costs and promote sustainability, maximizing revenues and relieving hotel staff. Following the success of their solution, they plan to expand its application to education, healthcare, and municipalities.
  • A (brilliant) collection of insights on following trends. Mauricio nailed it with his insightful breakdown on the perils of blindly following trends when launching new ventures. He brought together a diverse group of industry experts to explore the pitfalls of trend-chasing and the absolute importance of thinking outside the box when striving to create an extraordinary company. This Travel Tech Essentialist article is a must-read, especially for those creating ~very disruptive and extremely innovative tech solutions~ for the travel sector.
  • New addition to Mondee’s business. Mondee’s latest acquisition of Skypass Travel for $15 million marks its fourth acquisition this year, signaling an ambitious expansion into corporate travel. Skypass, known for wholesale travel sales to businesses, joins Mondee’s portfolio, aiming to funnel clients toward Mondee’s platform for corporate and personal bookings. With features like an AI-powered trip assistant, Mondee offers travel agents and customers a seamless experience. The acquisition grants Mondee access to Skypass contracts for discounts on flights, hotels, and cruises, while the company’s stock value and marketing strategies evolve in the competitive travel market.
  • Personalized stays powered by AI. Sabre has unveiled Lodging AI, integrating its Sabre Travel AI technology into the lodging sector. Using AI and advanced machine learning, the feature enhances customer experiences by delivering personalized content swiftly, resulting in expanded revenue opportunities. Part of Sabre’s Content Services for Lodging, this technology assists travel agencies in generating extra revenue while offering travelers tailored lodging options. The tool analyzes property attributes, customer preferences, and agency insights to provide customized lodging choices for a smoother booking process.