Tailor-made Travel Experiences are AI Generated

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Today’s news curation will be short and sweet, featuring some exciting updates.

  • Modern hotel tech, no IT team. Hotel Manager secures €2.5M funding for expansion in enterprise hotels. The London-based tech company provides modern infrastructure solutions to hotels of all sizes. They raised a total of €3.6M in seed funding, led by Fuel Ventures and joined by existing investors. Hotel Manager aims to grow their user base, expand globally, and establish strategic partnerships. Their suite of solutions jazzes up guest experiences, boosts revenue, and streamlines operations with clever guest-facing interfaces and operational tools. You might remember them from last year’s FutureTravel Summit, right? Well, now they’re rocking it with new funding – way to go!
  • Yanolja’s biggest deal. Yanolja, the global tech company, has made its biggest deal ever by acquiring GGT (Go Global Travel), a leading global B2B solution company. This acquisition expands Yanolja’s travel solutions business to 30 countries, strengthening its global distribution of digitized property information. By joining forces with GGT, Yanolja aims to reach more travel agencies worldwide and generate greater revenue. As Yanolja continues to grow towards its goal of becoming a global Travel Data Platform, we had the honor of interviewing its CEO, giving exclusive insights into Yanolja’s remarkable journey and future aspirations. Exciting times lie ahead as they continue their expansion as a global tech company.
  • Tailor-made travel experiences. The Paris-based travel company, Worldia, has secured €25 million in funding to support its global expansion. Worldia’s platform specializes in personalized and connected travel experiences, meeting the changing needs of travelers. The funding will enhance their technology, incorporate AI-powered features, and expand their operations throughout Europe and North America. Having already established a strong presence in France, Germany, Belgium, and Spain, Worldia is set to revolutionize the travel industry and offer unique experiences to a broader range of customers.